Spanish Immersion Program

Groveton Elementary School has a Two-Way Spanish Immersion Program for students in kindergarten through sixth grade.

Two-Way Immersion program classes balance speakers and learners of the target language. The students who speak English learn literacy skills in English, as well as literacy skills taught in Spanish. Through this exposure, they acquire the Spanish language. Students who speak Spanish develop English language skills while also developing literacy and content area skills in their home language. Both student populations serve as peer language models during the respective language portion of the day to mutually benefit each group’s language acquisition process. 

Students spend half their day learning in English and half their day learning in Spanish. Our immersion teachers team with the grade-level English teachers to integrate the total FCPS curriculum. The goals of the FCPS immersion program are to foster grade level academic achievement, develop bilingualism and biliteracy as well as intercultural competence.

There is no formal criteria for enrollment, but the program is only open to residents of Fairfax County. Groveton Elementary Immersion students are enrolled through a school-based lottery process.