Welcome to Groveton, a dynamic elementary school with roots tracing back to 1876!  Today, we have assembled a strong team of dedicated professionals to ensure that all students master their grade level skills and reach their greatest potential. By combining the best instructional resources and strategies with quality leadership, we are proud to say that Groveton is one of the most effective schools in the county. Here are a few attributes that drive our effectiveness.

Schools perform better when our leaders work together, are visible, and can successfully convey our goals and visions. Collaboration with our teachers is key, as we all discover problems and solutions together.

Consistent and Ongoing Evaluation
As we continue screening of our students’ performance and development, we access that data for effective identification of problematic areas of learning both in the classroom and school levels. Teachers are then able to better generate solutions that address the problems as they collaborate with their teams, coaches, and administrators.

High Expectations
Groveton has high expectations of students, as well as teachers. This has proven to have a positive impact on student performance as they are somewhat dependent on these expectations as their personal sense of ability and esteem are shaped.

Goals and Direction
Student performance has been shown to improve in Groveton because the entire school community works toward goals that are communicated and shared among all in our learning environment. We care about our kids!

Organization and Security
For maximum learning to occur, Groveton students need to feel safe and secure. Respect is a quality that is promoted daily. We have a number of trained staff and programs, such as our social workers, who work with our students closely. Also, Fairfax County’s Office of Safety and Security provides overall guidance, direction, and support to the Safety, Health, and Security programs. This includes federal (and Commonwealth of Virginia equivalent), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) programs. Safety and Security also develops, implements, and monitors student and employee health and safety programs; monitors and standardizes chemical purchases; and implements necessary hazardous waste disposals.

As a parent, sending your child to elementary school is a huge life event and you may have many questions. We encourage you to talk with other parents who send their children to Groveton ES, browse through our award winning website, and even schedule an appointment to visit with me or another administrator and see our classrooms in action.

Thank you for your interest in Groveton Elementary School!