Local History

Read and learn more about Groveton's rich history through books and websites, by visiting our beautiful parks and museums, or strolling through quaint nearby towns.

Excerpt from Images of America Groveton by Charlotte Brown, publisher Arcadia Publishing.

Groveton is located in Fairfax County, three miles south of Alexandria on what is now known as Richmond Highway. The original property owners of the Groveton area were George Mason, Sampson Darrell, and George Washington. Early family homes that are still standing include Huntley, Stone Mansion, Wilkinson, Sherwood Farm, and Briery Farm.

Between the 1880s and early 1900s Groveton was home to several orchards and farms. Dairy farms, such as Clifton, Groveton, Sherwood, and Hybla Valley Farms made up the Alexandria Milk Association for which Groveton was known. By the mid-1900s, the farms gave way to businesses, churches, residential housing, and two airfields. Today, Groveton has grown to become a diverse neighborhood and is experiencing economic growth due to the Fort Belvoir expansion.

Local historian and author Charlotte Brown grew up in Groveton and has documented St. Mark's Episcopal Church history and researched area family history and genealogy. Using photographs careful preserved by Groveton families, the author, with the help of Historic Huntley House supporters, family, friends, and neighbors, was able to capture this history of Groveton.