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About Ms. Tupy 

Sueann Tupy has been an educator and private tutor for over 23 years in Fairfax County Public Schools. She started her journey in 1979 teaching first grade in Batavia New York. After an amazing time working as an at-home-mom, teaching pre-school and substitute teaching in FCPS, Ms. Tupy began her career with FCPS at Fort Hunt Elementary School as a FECEP/Head Start Teacher. The next school year Ms. Tupy transferred to Groveton Elementary School as the FECEP/Head Start teacher. At the request of Groveton's administration, Ms. Tupy moved to Kindergarten as a model classroom for the first Project Excel Kindergarten in the County. In 2013 Ms. Tupy helped design the first two way Spanish Immersion program in a Title I School, and taught Language Arts in the Kindergarten class room for three years. Ms. Tupy then went back to teach in the FECEP program at Groveton ES.

She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Bloomsburg University and is currently working on her certification as a Wellness and Yoga coach through George Mason University with Dr. Suzie Carmack. She also will completed her 200 hour RYT certification in June of 2018.Through her passion and love for teaching, she created the “Keep On Reading” (SRV) Summer Van at Groveton, which is now in its 19th year serving students on the Route I corridor. She has been recognized as the Eleventh District Lady Fairfax in 2002, Recognition from Member of Congress, Tom Davis, for dedication to the community at large, ABC Channel 7 Working Women of the Week for promoting literacy and designing the “Keep ON Reading” summer reading program, Recognized by the FCPS School Board for SRV, Selected for a segment on FCPS Spotlight On Learning for the SRV, Nominated for Disney Teacher and FCPS teacher of the Year, Developed a Wellness Night in March of 2018 at Groveton with an attendance of close to 400 people, and Developed and ran an after school yoga program for students and teachers.

Ms. Tupy lives in Alexandria with significant other Jeff, her cat Pascal, and dog Champ. She has 3 grown children, 2 daughter in-laws, and 3 grandbabies.

She has been practicing mindfulness and yoga for twenty years and has had substantial success incorporating yoga and mindfulness into the school day at Groveton. Ms. Tupy, is working closely with Dr. Jane O’Hara AP at Fort Belvoir Elementary and Dr. Suzie Carmack, George Mason Instructor to support the implementation of the Wellness program. She is passionate about life, teaching from the heart, providing her students with a safe environment to be present in, and instilling a love of learning.